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Article entitled "Ultra High Solids Copolymer Emulsion For Demanding Applications", by Mary Hausman, David Horwat, William Lenney; Adhesive Age; Oct., 1995; p. 49.
CA Selects: Colloids (Macromolecular Aspects), Issue 16, 1996, p. 11, Reference 125:60004p, Preparation of high-solids acrylate and/or vinyl acetate copolymer dispersion in the presence of latex and its use in sealants, WO 96 11,234.

The Next Generation Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Copolymer Emulsions for Paper & Packaging Adhesives by David Horwat, Wacker Polymers USA, and Gerhard Koegler, Wacker Polymers. Mr. Horwat will describe how current VAE performance and possible product extensions will become the next generation emulsions for the paper packaging adhesives industry. These emulsions are designed to meet the latest world requirements for low-VOC emissions, ultralow formaldehyde content, and zero extractibles. These emulsions also address the challenges of increasing costs of formulation additives and changes in packaging substrates (increasing recycle content). VAE emulsions use ethylene as an “internal polymeric plasticizer.” Thus, next-generation, plasticizer-free adhesives can be created because these emulsions have high inherent adhesion and high wet tack. The physical properties and machining characteristics of VAE emulsions have been designed to exceed the high wet tack characteristics of a plasticized poly(vinyl acetate) homopolymer emulsion at typical solids. This results in excellent application from rollers or other application equipment at high speeds without spitting, throwing or loss of bond.

Coauthored an Article entitled "Probing the interfacial properties of poly(vinyl acetate-ethylene) copolymer/poly(vinyl chloride) laminations by time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry " Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology 1995

Wrote several "Ask the Expert" columns in Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine 2004-2006

Author of the Air Products Adhesives Manual -

 “ Working with Vinyl Acetate Based Polymers” 3rd & 4th edition 

Also an early adhesive article on "Creating a Closed loop re-cycling system for adhesive wash water"  and an article on why "There is no such thing as a Universal Adhesive"