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     Dave Horwat has worked in the adhesives industry for a total of 40 years since receiving his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1973.  He has recently worked as a Technical Service Engineer with Wacker Polymers where he provided formulations development and technical service to the adhesives industry for emulsion adhesive raw materials for the past 24 years.  Markets served within the adhesives market were the packaging market, the wood working market, automotive adhesives, the insulation industry and other industrial bonding markets.

Dave has a BS and an MS in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in the USA.  Prior to his experience with Wacker/ Air Products Polymers, Dave worked for 14 years as a solvent borne and water borne polymer adhesives formulator for National Starch and Chemical, now part of Henkel adhesives, a major international adhesives manufacturing company.  Dave began with experience in solvent based adhesives in the construction markets with contact cement formulation development. Additional Experience included wood and panel bonding, synthetic and natural elastomer formulations development, pressure sensitive and acrylic adhesives formulations and other polymer development. 

  At Air Products and Chemicals, he headed up the adhesives raw material group.  Polymer development and adhesive formulations were studied from the vinyl acetate homopolymer platform as well as the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer platform.  Emphasis was in the conversion to vinyl acetate/ethylene water based alternatives from solvent, hot melt and other non-aqueous systems. 

 A frequent speaker on technology issues at the Adhesives and Sealants council meetings, he has been published in North American and European adhesives industry magazines.  He is an author of the industry standard training manual “Working with Vinyl Acetate Based Polymers Adhesives Manual” published by Air Products Polymers.

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